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Family Law matters are personal, sensitive and painful

Divorce, separation, custody battles, parenting actions and most other family law matters are usually painful and frustrating. Your attorney in such matters should help to alleviate that pain and frustration, not add to it.  It does not have to be so terrible and horrific.  There is a better way to resolve family law issues.

Ohio family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd believes in client-centered legal services, guiding clients through the legal process with compassion and straight talk while helping them to protect their rights and the rights of their children. When you reach the point of terminating your marriage or ending your relationship, you need experienced counsel to assist you in finding the best solutions to hard problems.

Whether you’re facing a divorce trial or custody battle, need to negotiate a non-hostile divorce, are facing a case of never-married parents, seeking child support or parenting rights, or need guidance someplace in between full-out war and peaceful conflict resolution for any family law matter, you’ll find that the lawyers at Melissa Graham-Hurd & Associates understand your needs. They will help you understand every step of the process along with your options with gentle and clear explanations and guide you in making intelligent, informed decisions in your case that will yield the best results for you and your family.

Melissa Graham-Hurd is passionate about family law matters and actively works toward improving Ohio’s opportunities for families and children, regularly providing continuing education opportunities for attorneys throughout the state, and assisting in drafting legislation.

Put her passion to work for you and your family during this time of turmoil. If you are involved in a divorce, custody battle, or other family law dispute, contact family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd to discuss your case.

Extensive Experience in Ohio Family Law Representation

With over 35 years of legal experience, Melissa Graham-Hurd provides comprehensive divorce and family law representation, assisting clients with all legal matters involving families and children. Her family law practice encompasses the following:

Resources for Healthy Family Adjustment in Divorce and Custody Matters

Preserving the well-being and future of children during separation, divorce and custody matters is of the utmost importance. Melissa Graham-Hurd has carefully written articles to assist parents, children, and the entire family adjust during the separation, divorce and dissolution process to be of some assistance to you.  

In addition to the following articles offering further discussion on complex family law issues, please see the Articles tab:


Take Control of Your Family and Future

Why let a judge decide matters that are so personal in nature? Attorney Melissa Graham-Hurd will work with you to achieve resolutions in a manner that allows you to protect your rights while also maintaining a civil relationship with your former spouse or partner for the sake of the children. Reading articles on the web are just the beginning and cannot substitute for an in-depth discussion with your family law attorney about your particular needs and goals.  Contact our family law office today for experienced legal counsel in family law matters.

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