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Lucille Shane is a graduate of both Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron School of Law. While completing her undergraduate degree in Finance, she took a class called “Movies and the Law.” This sparked an interest that has now turned into a career.

While still a newly minted attorney, her career in the legal field began in her early twenties as a file clerk. She continued to work solely in the legal field, as it was where she felt most useful and at home.

Initially she began working in the personal injury field, but always had a desire to work in Family Law. Family Law is one of those fields of law that seemed to attract the most passionate advocates and that is what eventually drew her to Melissa Graham-Hurd and Associates. During law school, Attorney Shane was a part of the nationally ranked Trial Team and graduated with a certificate in Litigation. She decided that the best use of those skills, as well as others, would be in Family Law.

In her free time, Lucy enjoys reading, writing, and most of all spending quality time with her partner of almost 8 years and their young son. When she can, she also spends time with friends that have been with her since kindergarten – watching Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, and just about anything else on the BBC or Netflix. She is currently speeding through the Game of Thrones book series.

Family is the cornerstone of her life, both in her work and her personal life.

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