Estate Planning

Divorce and the Stay-at-Home Parent

Single mother by the stove with toddler on hip, stirring mushrooms, her older son is standing by concept

Nearly half of married couples eventually terminate their marriages by divorce or dissolution, but most of us live our lives as if we are going to be in the other half. That leads to making decisions with the expectation that our marriages will last “until death do us part.” When that parting comes sooner, by […]

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Changing Beneficiaries After Divorce or Dissolution in Ohio

Divorce Petition

Congratulations: your divorce or dissolution is final. After months of negotiating back and forth over details large and small, you can finally put the legal documents aside and look toward the future. Well, you can as soon as you are done updating your estate plan and changing beneficiaries on trusts, retirement plans, insurance, investments and […]

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Why Do I Need a Will?

Ballpoint Pen Resting On Living Trust Documents

Let’s be honest: nobody enjoys making a Will. Making a Will means, at its most basic level, confronting the reality of mortality and making important decisions about a life that no longer includes you. It’s easy to understand why people might want to avoid that kind of discomfort. Besides, if you’re relatively young, healthy, or […]

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