Retirement plan with calculator pen and glassesPlanning for the Future

Melissa Graham-Hurd & Associates can assist you in planning for the future by preparing documents to be ready to spring into action when needed.

Services provided include:

  • Will  and Trust preparation – written documents specifying who will receive your assets upon your death, how your children will receive their shares, provide for all of the what-if scenarios, and state who is in charge of carrying out your wishes (Executor).
  • Healthcare Directives – written statements of your medical wishes (Living Will) and specifying people who can act as your agents for healthcare decisions (Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare).
  • Power of Attorney – a written document specifying a person (or people) who will have the power to act as your agent if you are unable to conduct your financial matters yourself, and those powers can range from cashing checks and paying your bills to selling your real estate and making investment decisions.