Property Division

When is a Distributive Award Given in Ohio?

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A regular part of the divorce process involves one party making payments or distributing assets to the other. This usually happens in the context of the division of marital property, or the payment of child support or spousal support. Less commonly, a court may order a “distributive award” from one party to the other in […]

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Marital Property Tracing in Divorce

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“What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours” is a lovely sentiment, and one shared by most spouses during their marriage. Unfortunately, in divorce or dissolution, it can become the literal truth, often at the expense of one spouse. Understanding Marital and Separate Property in Divorce To understand why, you need a brief background […]

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Do I Have to Leave the Home Because My Spouse Asked Me To?

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It may happen in the heat of an argument, or after months of growing apart and talking about separation and divorce: your spouse asks you to leave the home you share (or tells you to). Whether the request comes as a shock, or is something you’d been dreading, you are probably wondering whether you have […]

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