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Step-Parent Adoption in Ohio: What You Need to Know

As you might imagine, in a family law practice, a lot of our work involves helping couples unwind their relationships. Even when this is a necessary step and best for them and their children, it can be a sad time. That is why we especially relish the times when our work gets to bring families […]

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Co-Parenting After High-Conflict Divorce

Parenting is challenging. Co-parenting after divorce is even more so, with different households with different rules and different schedules, not to mention frequent issues with finances and communication problems. But co-parenting after high-conflict divorce can be much more difficult. It can feel like being ordered to do a flawless ballroom dance routine with someone who […]

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Tips on Better Parenting During the Divorce Process

Whether you are divorcing, separating, or have never lived with your other parent, here are some tips that might help your children deal with parents apart: DO: Put your children’s welfare ahead of your own conflict with the other parent Attempt Mediation See the other parent as your “business partner” engaged in the most important […]

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