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Grey Divorce: What it Is, Why it Happens, How to Plan

The term “grey divorce” refers to the breakdown and breakup of long-term marriages, or marriages of those in their mid-fifties and beyond. Most of us have an expectation that once a couple has made it past some of the struggles common in young marriages—tight budgets, the chaos of raising small children—the rest is smooth sailing. […]

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What is “Gross Income” For Ohio Child Support Purposes?

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For the first time in about 25, years, there is an updated version of the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. There have been a number of changes intended, quite literally, to bring the guidelines into the 21st century. The cost of living increased nearly 42% in the ten years from 1982 to 1992; from 1992 to […]

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Required Child Support Documents and Information

Ohio child support lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd has considerable experience in child support matters.  When going to Court or CSEA (child support agency) regarding a determination of child support or modification of child support, Ms. Graham-Hurd’s knowledge can help you avoid pitfalls.  In any case where you are asking for child support, or asked to pay […]

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