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Five Steps to Prepare Financially for Divorce

Fingers Drawn as Husband and Wife Fighting Over Coin | Melissa Graham-Hurd & Associates

Divorce, dissolution and separation are times of upheaval—legally, emotionally, socially, and yes, financially. A large part of the stress you may experience is concern about finances during and after the process of divorce or dissolution. Will you have enough money to pay your mortgage or rent? Will you have to pay spousal support or child support? How will you make it […]

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Now That You’ve Decided to Divorce

You may want to consider stopping any voluntary contributions from your pay (such as 401(k) plans, deferred compensation, credit union accounts, etc.), additional deposits to private savings, purchase of additional assets (including furnishings, purchase of credit for retirement, etc.) as most assets are valued at time of trial, and your attempts to save money now […]

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