How to Tell Your Kids You’re Divorcing

Mother Talking to Daughter About Divorce

No part of divorce or separation is easy, but perhaps one of the most difficult steps is breaking the news of your breakup to your children. You know you must do it, but how? Understand that it won’t be easy, for you or for them, but there are things you can do to avoid making it harder […]

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Don’ts for Divorcing Parents

Divorce Parents and Child Fingers (faces drawn on fingers)

Divorce and separation can make your life feel out of control. Even if the divorce was your idea, the process takes life as you know it and turns everything upside down. If you have children together, the process is even more fraught, because you need to keep interacting with your former significant other, manage custody and […]

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How to Survive Divorce Socially

Women Socializing After Divorce

In this space, we’ve talked about surviving divorce emotionally, and surviving divorce financially. These are aspects of divorce many people anticipate and dread. One facet of divorce that often takes people by surprise is the social aspect. Here are some tips for surviving divorce socially. For some people, divorce is freeing socially. If they felt trapped in […]

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Tips for Surviving Divorce Emotionally

Surviving divorce emotionally - woman going through range of emotions

Divorce and dissolution are legal processes, a severing of a contractual relationship. Anyone who has ever been through it, however, knows it is much more than that. You are untangling your life from your spouse’s, grieving the loss of perhaps your most important relationship. While your spouse was probably the first person you turned to […]

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Five Steps to Prepare Financially for Divorce

Fingers Drawn as Husband and Wife Fighting Over Coin: Divide Finances During Divorce

Divorce, dissolution and separation are times of upheaval—legally, emotionally, socially, and yes, financially. A large part of the stress you may experience is concern about finances during and after the process of divorce or dissolution. Will you have enough money to pay your mortgage or rent? Will you have to pay spousal support or child support? How will you make it […]

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Criminal Law Terminology

Akron Criminal Defense Attorney Rebecca M. Black knows that ignorance is not bliss for anyone facing criminal charges for the first time in their lives. Read on to learn more about the terminology for the process and procedures of the criminal justice system as it is carried out across Northeast Ohio. Appeal: A request made […]

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Know your rights during police encounters

Know your rights during police encounters Being stopped by the police can be an intimidating, nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be. You have rights under the Ohio and United States Constitutions that protect you from police action or misconduct in many situations, such as traffic stops, warrantless searches, and police questioning without the […]

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Divorce Vocabulary

Because the law is a profession, there are specialized terms for processes, procedures, events, and even people.  Ohio family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd seeks to enhance your ability to understand this process happening to you by providing definitions of common terms used in Family Law.  Action: the legal term for a lawsuit Affidavit: a written statement sworn to under oath […]

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Expert Witnesses

What you should know about Expert Witnesses: Family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd has the experience to guide you when there is an issue that may need an expert to testify and explain complex issues. When Do I Need An Expert? To Value Assets: An expert is a person with special knowledge about a subject that qualifies […]

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Widespread Fallacies About Family Law

Divorce and family law in Ohio are complicated subject areas and misconceptions about divorce, child support and child custody abound. Ohio family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd seeks to help erase some of those inaccuracies by providing clear information, blending straight talk with compassion. Ohio’s laws are different from those of surrounding states – sometimes substantially different, […]

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