How To Deal With Your Difficult Spouse

Although Ohio family lawyer Melissa Graham-Hurd always seeks to resolve family disputes in a negotiated settlement, sometimes divorce and separation tend to bring out the worst in some people, and they must be dealt with accordingly. If you have one of these people in your life, accept that: Self-interest apparently justifies deception and outright lies […]

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How To Dress For Court

First Impressions Count.  While it is true that it really isn’t fair and it does not change the facts of your case, impressions do count, and we want the Judge or Magistrate to see you as fitting their perceptions of someone who is mature, responsible and believable.  The people in the black robes are people, […]

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Testimony Tips

At some point in the legal process, you may be asked to give testimony, to testify, to be sworn to tell the truth and answer questions under that oath.  Testimony can take place at a hearing, trial or deposition.  The testimony will be recorded, either on tape or by a court reporter, and can be […]

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